Synthetic Locking Building Products
Lock Lumber

Soon to be the next standard in the residential building industry, Lock Lumber was designed to out last conventional wood lumber while delivering accuracy and simplicity in the framing process. Manufactured with the same dimensions as conventional lumber, it works with all standard building supplies from siding to sheetrock. So what’s the difference? Why do I want Lock Lumber in my next home or building project? Lock Lumber is made with recycled synthetic products. The formula for this product has a higher heat resistance than wood lumber, it won’t rot or warp, and is impervious to termites. What else is superior about Lock Lumber? Its patent pending honeycomb interior design gives it strength acting as a synthetic grain. Where as with wood lumber the grain does not run from top to bottom and may veer off halfway down the board, the honeycomb design of Lock Lumber runs from top to bottom. With each honeycomb cell it adds eight points of strength. The best part of Lock Lumber is it simply locks into place. Anyone can do it. Just grab a piece of lumber and Lock it into place. Each stud will be perfectly placed and perfectly straight. It could cut your framing time in half, and you don’t even have to be a professional framer. At this time, Lock Lumber is not yet available for consumer purchase. Watch for Lock Lumber in your local retailers by 2008. It is worth the wait.

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